37th Avenue Southwest |16th St SW to 30th St SW

Project Summary:

Project Type:
Urban Street Reconstruction

City of Minot


37th Avenue Southwest is a vital corridor that connects rural areas that are southwest of the City along Ward County Road 14, and allows the public direct access to Minot and the US 83/Broadway corridor.  This segment of roadway will serve new businesses and residential development, including a new hospital. The 37th Avenue Southwest reconstruction project utilized State surge funding to finance the project. Apex Engineering Group led the preliminary design, final design, plan preparation, and public involvement process, as well as the construction administration, observation, and project closeout phases of the project.

Project Details:

The design consisted of reconstructing approximately one-mile of existing rural 2-lane highway with an urban 5-lane road section that included a center shared left turn lane to accommodate future traffic and growth. A new 10 foot shared use path was provided on the south side of the roadway along with a new street lighting system. Intersection and signal improvements occurred at the 16th Street Southwest / 37th Avenue Southwest intersection to accommodate the existing 5-Lane section to the south of 16th Street Southwest.

The City of Minot had two concerns when the design of the pavement surface was being conducted. First, the City wanted a surface that could withstand the increased traffic loading this corridor was going to be subject to as a result of the city’s growth. Secondly, the City wanted a long-lasting durable product, as this portion of city has historically seen flooding during major rain events from nearby Puppy Dog Coulee. Ultimately, the City opted to use a 10 inch doweled non-reinforced concrete pavement for the reconstruction of 37th Avenue Southwest. The project also implemented the use of concrete in the form of reinforced concrete pipe to convey storm water and the installation of a seven (7) foot by seven (7) foot precast concrete box culvert to increase the storm water capacity at the Puppy Dog Coulee crossing. The new double seven by seven box culvert also reduced the potential for street flooding during major rain events.

This project also included watermain and sanitary sewer extensions to undeveloped property on both sides of 37th Avenue Southwest. A new trunk storm sewer system was installed to serve the entire project corridor along with possible future expansion to the west of 30th Street Southwest that discharges into Puppy Dog Coulee. Apex worked closely with the City of Minot and local businesses to provide reasonable traffic detours for the traveling public and maintain accesses for the local businesses and residents during construction. Construction was completed in the fall of 2016.

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