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Electrical Systems

Bismarck Public Schools


Since the addition of the electrical group in 2011, Apex Engineering Group has provided services on a number of projects for Bismarck Public Schools (BPS). As the City of Bismarck, ND grows, so too do the needs for more educational spaces, and the desire to stay abreast of the ever-changing technological advances. The projects range from new state-of-the-art facilities to coordination studies and assessments.

Project Details:

New Construction:
In response to rapid growth, Lincoln and Liberty Elementary Schools, and Legacy High School were designed for quick construction while maintaining the Bismarck School District’s high level of standards and specifications.

  • Lincoln and Liberty Elementary Schools are both 80,000 square foot facilities designed to support up to 600 students and 50 staff members.
  • Legacy High School is a 280,000 square foot facility and was planned to support up to 1,400 students and 150 staff members.

These facilities were designed with similar electrical systems in line with BPS’s standards and tailored to the ages of the students. Energy efficient lighting with automatic controls were included to allow multi-level, dimming, occupancy and time of day control. Classrooms were designed with both hardwired and wireless network access and infrastructure for classroom sound enhancement and video systems. Class call and paging systems were integrated with the wireless analog clock system for flexible class scheduling and consistent/accurate time throughout the school. The gymnasiums’ sound systems were designed with microphone and audio inputs for activities and special functions.

Legacy High School also included 600-person auditorium for classroom lectures and full scale theatrical performances. Many specialized electrical systems were included within the auditorium such as house and theatrical lighting, lighting controls, sound system, specialized stage power and rigging.

Additions and Renovations:
To ensure that students are provided every opportunity for an outstanding education, all addition and renovation projects begin with a condition assessment and evaluation to determine the most cost effective approach to electrical enhancements. Upgrades to facilities typically include classroom and administration spaces, additional gymnasium and activity areas, and music room additions – all with modern amenities, engineered for excellence. Apex staff has completed additions and renovations totaling over 200,000 square feet at several elementary and middle schools.

Key features of the electrical upgrades include LED lighting provided by a central low voltage (digital) lighting control system with a local switch control, time of day control, dimming capabilities and occupancy control to reduce energy consumption; both hardwired telecommunications outlets and wireless access points; infrastructure for security features using internet protocol (IP) based video surveillance and access control systems, new class call and clock systems integrated with the upgraded fire alarm system for emergency voice evacuation communications in all areas; and new gymnasium areas with microphone and audio input sound system.

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