Burleigh County Highway Department Shop

Project Summary:

Project Type:
Electrical Systems

Burleigh County Highway Department


Apex Engineering Group and the Burleigh County Highway Department collaborated to provide electrical engineering services on the new 70,000 square foot County Highway Department Shop and Administrative Office, located in northeast Bismarck, ND.  The facility provides the County Highway Department and Engineering staff the ability to be housed in one joint facility with room to expand if needed.

Project Details:

The Highway Department requested that the shop area be free from exposed conduits. Careful attention was given to ensure that conduits could be routed up or down at the designated locations since the building was constructed of precast insulated panels and all electrical items recessed into the exterior panel. This design allowed items to be concealed within the wall system. As the project progressed, Apex worked closely with the electrical contractor to confirm coordination with all other trades. The electrical services are located on the mezzanine level of the shop requiring specialized application to meet the National Electrical Code.

The lighting within the facility is controlled by a central low voltage, digital lighting control system. The system uses a central time clock, photo controller, and digital processor to schedule events within the lighting system to turn off lights in the shop and storage areas when they are not required. The private offices utilize wall and ceiling mounted dual technology controls for compliance with local energy codes.

The electrical service is comprised of two main switches, one for non-heating loads and the other for heating loads. This gave the Burleigh County Highway Department the best payback on their investment because other heating sources were not as readily available, nor cost effective to bring to the project site.

A self-contained emergency generator was installed on site to serve critical equipment needed during a natural disaster.

The facility has hard wired communications systems in addition to wireless. An internet protocol (IP) based video surveillance and access control system was installed throughout. The access control system provides centralized control of the walk-in doors, overhead doors and the motorized gates on the perimeter fence. The County’s two-way radio system is scheduled to be relocated to this facility.

The facility was completed in 2015.

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