Burleigh Morton County Detention Center

Project Summary:

Project Type:
Electrical Systems

Burleigh and Morton Counties


Apex Engineering Group and Burleigh and Morton Counties addressed the electrical demands needed for a new detention center. The facility was designed to replace the two existing undersized jails in each county and provide additional detention capacity for the region.

Project Details:

The lighting, power and communication systems within the inmate areas are controlled from centralized command centers. The command centers are located in the middle of each inmate area with a direct line of site to each of the cells and dayroom. The command centers are backed up by the master command center which is located remotely and can take control of the central command operation in the event of trouble. There are numerous cameras and access control systems throughout the facility and on the exterior of the building.

The lighting system is a mixture of LED and fluorescent sources depending on the location and use of the fixtures. Most of the public and maintenance areas are fluorescent sources and LED sources were used in areas where servicing is difficult, such as the inmate areas.

There are two indoor emergency generators used to provide life-safety and maintain heating systems throughout the facility. The generators are designed to operate as one larger unit. This is accomplished by using electronic controls to sync the two units together, as well as the incoming utility company power.

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