Hurdsfield Legal Drain

Project Summary:

Project Type:
Planning and Design

Wells County, ND


Over the last few decades, an increase in the water levels in Hurdsfield and East Lake, located near Chaseley, ND, has had a negative effect on the surrounding area. The lake levels have been increasing, flooding agricultural and residential land. These lakes have significantly increased in size and depth. Damage to roadways, farmsteads, and agricultural land has been observed.

Project Details:

The existing high levels of sulfate in both lakes was a large component of the project. Water would be transported from Hurdsfield and East Lake to a tributary of the James River. The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH) mandated a monitoring station be located on the James River. The North Dakota Department of Health determined that approximately 250 mg/l can be used as the maximum allowable sulfate concentration and a recommended 225 mg/L during operation at the monitoring point. Apex developed an operations plan which outlined the allowable release rate which is dependent on the flow rates of the James River. The operation plan was submitted to the NDDH.

Alternatives to removing the water from the Lakes to the tributary were presented to the Well County Water Resource District to control water levels in Hurdsfield and East Lake. The WRD decided to construct a pump station with 4,775 feet of 10” forcemain at East Lake with a gate controlled 24” gravity system connecting Hurdsfield and East Lake.

Apex produced construction plans and specifications. Apex also worked on securing the necessary drainage permits and obtain the USACE 404 permit and prepared the permanent and temporary easement. The estimated completion date is in the Summer of 2019.

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