ND Highway 46 | RP 14

Project Summary:

Project Type:
Highway Realignment

North Dakota Department of Transportation


The North Dakota Department of Transportation faced the challenges of a relentless wet cycle affecting the lakes and prairie pot-hole regions across the State of North Dakota.  Apex’s transportation and water resources groups were ready to assist the NDDOT with the grade raise and realignment of North Dakota Highway 46 near Gackle, ND, to ensure a safer and more accessible roadway.

Project Details:

Portions of various state highways succumbed or were severely impacted by rising water in closed basins, where natural outlets can range from 10 to 30 feet higher than the existing road elevation. Hydraulic analysis was imperative to successfully completing grade raise projects, such as North Dakota Highway 46. Apex's water resource specialists assisted in developing criteria and methodologies which dictates the required number of feet to raise roadways in closed basin conditions. This provided the NDDOT with the necessary information to complete grade raises in similar environments in the future.

In addition to providing grade raises to the impacted roadway, Apex also assisted with a realignment. Preliminary engineering, project concept report (PCR), and final design and bid documents were provided for the realignment of 1.43 miles of North Dakota Highway 46 around an existing body of water near RP 14. The project originally began as a 15 foot grade raise and plans were completed for construction to begin in April 2011. Due to difficulties in obtaining the necessary right of way easements for the grade raise, a realignment alternative was introduced and evaluated in a PCR Addendum. The realignment was selected as the preferred alternative. The appropriate right of way was acquired and the construction was completed summer of 2012. The project also required utility coordination and relocation.

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