ND Hwy 36 | RP 31 and ND Hwy 41– RP 20

Project Summary:

Project Type:
Grade Raise/Rip Rap

Burleigh and McLean County, North Dakota


North Dakota was facing the challenge of a relentless wet cycle affecting lakes and prairie pot-hole across the state. Sections of state highways were being flooded by these closed basins lakes and prairie potholes where natural outlets are sometimes 10 to 30 feet higher than the existing roads. The hydraulic analysis is the key to these projects. Construction was completed in 2012.

Project Details:

This project consisted of a grade raise and riprap on ND Hwy 36 (RP 31) approximately 7 miles east of Wing and a grade raise and riprap on ND Hwy 41 (RP 20) approximately 5 miles south of Mercer for the NDDOT Bismarck District. A Project Concept Report was completed to determine impacts of each project alternative and obtain environmental clearance. A hydraulic analysis was performed to determine the projected elevation of the adjacent closed basin water bodies to determine grade raise alternatives. Plan preparation followed NDDOT specifications and guidelines. Coordination with utility companies was facilitated due to potential conflicts when the roadway grade is raised.

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