Ortonville Area Health Services Expansion

Project Summary:

Project Type:
New Street and Utility Construction

City of Ortonville


Ortonville Area Health Services is building a new assisted living facility in an undeveloped area within the city limits of Ortonville. Apex Engineering Group worked with the City of Ortonville, MN and Ortonville Areas Health Services’ consultants to provide new underground utilities and roadway access that would accommodate the needs of both entities. These improvements will also provide urban streets and utilities to a residential area where the City’s lots can be developed and sold.    

Project Details:

Apex was eager to assist the City of Ortonville and Ortonville Area Health Services to plan, design and construct a mutually beneficial project.  The job required the installation of gravity sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer, stormwater retention basin, as well as the construction of a new urban section street with curb and gutter.  Design efforts for stormwater runoff collection, treatment, and release were to be in accordance with the Upper Minnesota River Watershed District. Site grading was completed to help ensure the City’s lots were ready for development once construction was completed.  Given the nature of the project, numerous meetings and thorough communication between the City, Ortonville Area Health Services, and the Upper Minnesota River Watershed District was eminent in order to arrive at a final product that suited everyone’s needs.  The project was substantially completed in the 2017 construction season.

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