Safe Routes to School

Project Summary:

Project Type:
Multi Use Trail

City of Frazee


Apex Engineering Group was pleased to partner with the City of Frazee in an effort to make the community a safer place.  Apex worked with the City to develop a path that encouraged safe commutes to and from school for elementary-aged children.

Project Details:

Apex Engineering Group and the City of Frazee, MN joined forces to plan, design and construct a 2,100 foot multi-use trail. This path connects two existing Frazee neighborhoods with Frazee Elementary School, and bisects County Highway 29 at an uncontrolled location. One of the primarily project goals was to provide to provide a safe, designated highway trail crossing. This was achieved by incorporating a solar powered rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) system at the crossing along with traditional advanced warning signs and stripping. The project also involved various plantings, including trees and shrub lines to provide natural screening from the surrounding residential and commercial areas.

In addition to providing planning, design, and construction services, Apex assisted the City of Frazee with funding administration. The multi-use trail has been making the route to school safer since December 2015.

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