Washington Street Master Lift Station

Project Summary:

Project Type:
Wastewater Collection and Conveyance

City of Bismarck


The Washington Street Master Lift Station has been the principal wastewater pumping facility in the City of Bismarck, ND since it was originally constructed in the 1950’s.  The Washington Street Lift Station is a key part of Bismarck’s sanitary infrastructure and thus assessing the condition of the facility and making sound recommendations for improvements were essential.  Apex worked closely with the City of Bismarck to provide a complete collection system and pump station model for hydraulic analysis. Planning, design, and construction of the new pump station, sanitary sewer improvements, and electrical instrumentation, controls, and standby power generation were also provided by the Apex team.

Project Details:

Approximately 60% of the wastewater volume generated in the City passes through this station, making it imperative that the engineering behind the project was precise and suitable for a long term solution.  Because the station was to stay on line throughout construction, Apex and City personnel devised an in-depth plan for temporary bypass pumping of the station during construction. The project was completed in 2013.

The following goals were accomplished with the Washington Street Master Lift Station project.  

  • The facility can accommodate flows of 11.4 million gallons per day including the existing service area and from a future service area in northwest Bismarck
  • The pumps, valves, fittings, and controls were updated to provide reliable pumping capabilities for a 30-year service life
  • Pump station reliability was achieved by implementing redundant components
  • Improved operational efficiency, safety, and aesthetics of the pump station.
  • Reduced odors and noise in connection with the station.
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