Water Reclamation Facility - Electrical

Project Summary:

Project Type:
Electrical Systems

City of Dickinson


The electrical systems for the Water Reclamation Facility in Dickinson, ND consisted of lighting, convenience power, network and phone communication, connections to process equipment, high voltage distribution system, emergency generator system, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to four key buildings and multiple process and storage tanks.

Project Details:

The Administration and Laboratory Building is a traditional modern, state-of-the-art, office and lab facility. All the SCADA system data is routed to this building for viewing, analysis, and modification by the operators while sitting at their desks or in the laboratory.

Raw sewage enters the Water Reclamation Facility through the Pre-Treatment Facility. The open channels and screens require the building to be classified as a Class 1; Division 1 space according to the National Electrical Code. There is a separate non-classified room that houses the major electrical equipment allowing that equipment to be of standard construction and not explosion-proof. There are numerous process systems installed within the building: screens, grit removal, conveyor systems and wash pumps. All these systems are controlled and connected to the SCADA system, which can be controlled locally or remotely.

The Process Control Building is the heart of the Facility and contains large blowers, wastewater pumps and sludge pumps. The electrical systems within this building also serve the treatment tanks for level control and PH, and other sensors used in the treatment process. In addition, all lighting for security and night-time maintenance is housed here.

Solid waste materials are thickened and pumped from storage tanks into trucks at the Bio-Solids Building. The truck operators can view the amount of materials being loaded from a flow meter digital readout at ground level.

All the process and storage tanks have lighting and convenience power locations for security and maintenance purposes.

Other electrical components include LED lighting throughout the site for streets, signage, and another amenities; the Facility entrance is controlled by automatic gates connected to the access control system; and an emergency generator powers critical loads throughout the site and keeps the treatment process working during prolonged utility outages. There are two main duct banks running through the site, one for power and one for communications

The Dickinson Water Reclamation Facility was completed in 2014.

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