When you engineer everything in, below, through and above a city, you become part of the place.

It isn’t just the water towers and streetscapes, it’s the people that make a town a hometown. And the work we do is designed to give them even better places to live.

Outside of work, well, we still work on what matters most.
  • Employee passions are Apex passions, and we offer a company match to boost employee donations to the charities of their choosing
As a company, we support:
  • Community organizations and various celebrations such as, boys and girls clubs’ activities, wellness adventures, water carnivals, fireworks displays, and street fairs
  • Civic organizations where our staff take active roles
  • Industry endeavors such as WEF Community Service Projects and Engineering Associations
  • Education events like Mathcounts, the Steel Bridge Competition, and other opportunities that encourage math and science activities among our youth